Wool Sale, 28 March 2018

At today’s wool sale the small offering of good colour XBD fleece wools were 2.5% cheaper while good quantities of poor colour were unchanged.

XBD 2nd shear wools both good and poor colour were generally unchanged.
1st lambs 29 micron were 1% dearer, 30 micron and 31 micron were 1 to 2% cheaper. 2nd lambs were generally 5% dearer.
2nd shear oddments were par to 5% cheaper.
There was a good tone at today’s sale with well spread competition.
Passings ~ CPW 2% ~ Overall 10%

Next Sale

South Island C40, Thursday 5th April, 2018
Approx. 10,690 Bales

March 28, 2018