Wool contamination, the effects and how to prevent it

Wool contamination in the wool shed can cause major problems in processing. Items like clothes, sacks, string, and twine are broken up during processing and will ruin the finished product, there have been increased instances of contamination in NI scours while the SI has reduced but still a problem. Press bars if not detected can cause major damage to processing equipment. Please be vigilant with your wool preparation and ensure your shearers, handlers, and pressers keep an eye out and are aware of the damage contamination can cause.

  • There are potentially significant costs to the industry beyond the direct costs of damage to scour machinery and the wool.
  • With a quarter of the clip being exported greasy, contamination is exported as well, which affects the reputation of NZ wool.

Farmers and harvest staff are urged to work together to:

  • Remove clothing and towels from the wool room or where wool is likely to be stacked;
  • Remove water bottles and drink containers;
  • Secure personal items and other stuff in a zipped pocket or bag;
  • Use only paper as a division in bales where the likes of necks and bellies need to be separated and;
  • Find press bars and pins straight away if they’re missing, before doing the next bale.
August 29, 2019