New Timaru wool store

The Christchurch Wool Store has been re-located to a new facility in Timaru. With ongoing costs associated with the Christchurch based wool store along with increased logistical issues operating an agricultural business in a metropolitan city, a decision was made to relocate to a more central location. Timaru was identified as a key location because of its rural base city and its proximity to wool scours and the Timaru Port.

As of 1 July the CP Wool Christchurch office and show-floor will operate out of the NZ Yarn facility located at 15 Sheffield Crescent, Christchurch. This facility will be our new wool hub and will have a drop off point for wool which will then be forwarded on to the Timaru store for processing.

Our existing show-floor will be set up in the new Christchurch facility for exporters and growers to inspect wool for sale and it will contain an office area for existing staff members as well as an area for client meetings.


July 24, 2017