Message from CP Wool Chairman

Without dwelling too long on the current wool price and trends we do need to acknowledge that we sheep and beef farmers are in for another tight year financially. At least Mother Nature is being more generous with spring rainfall around the country.

The very same Mother Nature, however, has delivered another brutal blow to our friends in Marlborough and North Canterbury. Our thoughts are with those folk who are again facing adversity, many after a prolonged period of drought.

Carrfields Primary Wool board and management have been holding a series of grower meetings this year as we move our board meetings around the country. We have met with and spoken to many hundreds of wool growers in that time. Feedback has been great and there is general agreement that CP Wool is working hard and innovating across its entire operation.

Each regional meeting was well organised by a senior rep and supported by the local team, it was heartening to hear how well our team across the country are viewed. From the store staff, to the field force, and the administration people, there were so many positive comments around the level of service our clients are receiving. The board appreciates the efforts made by all the team to achieve those high levels of approval.

As described elsewhere in this newsletter CP Wool have relaunched the North American programme with Just Shorn. As well as welcoming Krista Eliason to our team I would also congratulate Krista, John Blaine (Carlisle Wide Plank Flooring) and Craig Carr in pulling the venture together. The professionalism exhibited and the speed with which the whole thing was executed was impressive. We look forward to great things ahead.

There is always a degree of frustration when we look at what we are able to achieve in the value add space, we are doing as much as our resources allow. It does cause us to lament the fragmented nature of the wool industry. A number of entities are competing for a diminishing resource, a number of organisations are looking to improve the lot of the New Zealand wool grower. Everyone looks forward to the day we can see some consolidation and collaboration.

CP Wool and the parent bodies Primary Wool Co-operative and Carrfields support a wide range of local and national events each year. CP Wool is a significant sponsor of both shearing sports at a regional level and the World Shearing Championships in Invercargill in the new year. We wish the organisers well for the Championships and urge as many growers as possible take up the opportunity to be part of this great event. The event itself and the stadium in Invercargill will provide quite a spectacle.

On behalf of the board I would like to wish all our clients, staff and management a safe, enjoyable festive season, and better prospects for the new year. I would also like to thank our clients for your support throughout the year and it would be remiss of me not to urge all growers who are not members of Primary Wool Co-op to consider the benefits and make the decision to be part of a great organisation.

Howie Gardner, Chairman, CP Wool

December 12, 2016