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Primary Wool CooperativeThank you for being a loyal and supportive client of Carrfields Primary Wool. As you know, we are a joint owned business with a 50% shareholding each between Carrfields Ltd and Primary Wool Cooperative. Without you, our clients, we wouldn’t have a strong business that is able to support the wool industry from the farm and through the value chain.

About Just Shorn

The newly established relationship between Carlisle Wide Plank Flooring and CP Wool has enabled a relaunch of Just Shorn® into North America. Carlisle WPF are a highly respected, high end supplier of custom long plank flooring with 6 showrooms across America. With the recent appointment of Krista Eliason as the Managing Director of CP Wool, North America, we now have the platform and the capacity to introduce a new range of carpet and rug designs and textures via the Carlisle showrooms and marketing engine.The Just Shorn® brand is the assurance you are purchasing some of the world’s most beautiful carpeting, created from the natural and renewable resource of New Zealand wool. Just Shorn® carpets are built to last and reward the most discerning customers and their homes.

Born from a partnership between a group of pioneering New Zealand sheep farmers and a long established agricultural business, Just Shorn® is owned by the partnership in New Zealand under the name Wool Marketing Enterprises Limited.

The Just Shorn® brand is an emblem – a badge of honor for your home and your family – that says: this elegant carpet stands for sustainability, style, durability, and the future.

To learn more about Just Shorn® visit our website, 

Just because you support us –  you could win big!

If you already qualify for this competition, you can sit back, relax and wait for the live draw. But if you are able to increase your chances, please contact your local CP Wool representative to discuss.

A draw will be held on 30 March 2017 at the South Island Field Days in Kirwee and streamed live to our CP Wool Facebook page

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