Dennis Wakely retires

After spending 47 years in the wool industry, Dennis Wakely is retiring. He penned together a brief account of his days spent in an industry he has dedicated himself to.

After my dad spoke to Wally Drew at the Dannevirke A&P Show in February 1969, an interview followed (with me in my school uniform). I started working at AWE (Associated Wool Exporters), in early March just one month into my 5th form year. Dad said that school was a waste of time anyway, so that was that – I was employed as a wool classer.

Wally had just merged with JJ Cammock to form AWE and it was a great place to work, with three experienced wool reps on the road, there was no shortage of wool. In the winter huge blends were made of crutchings ‘A CRT’ along with lambs held over from early summer shearing. This meant a lot of night pressing. We got 12 cents a bale which was big money.

A stint at Massey University saw me achieve my Practical Classing Certificate which made Wally happy. There have been lots of name changes and take overs and the years have just flown by. Burrows have been replaced with fork lifts, and there is now a lot of bulk classing carried out. I have had some great times working in the same building for 48 years, made some great friendships, many people have come and gone. But with the high caliber of road staff, dedicated store people and the great management of the Carr family, I’m sure the future holds good in all branches of Carrfields.

It’s now time for me to relax, do a bit of gardening and most importantly, spend time with my family.

Cheers everyone

July 24, 2017