CP Wool Terms and Conditions

When these terms apply
By completing and returning a wool specification form to Carrfields Primary Wool Limited (we, us or our) you appoint us as your agent to sell your wool and you agree to be bound by these terms. 

NZWA conditions also apply
The terms of the New Zealand Woolbrokers’ Association conditions of sale (the NZWA conditions, available here) apply to the sale of your wool. We use our best efforts to ensure that you get paid for wool sold at auction under the NZWA conditions – we will not allow delivery of your wool to the buyer until they have paid us for your wool.

When we may set the reserve
If you have not advised us in writing of a specific reserve for your wool, we will set the reserve for your wool having regard to its apparent value on the day of sale. We are happy to provide you with an indication of approximate market values on request. Note that interlotted, lot-built or binned wools cannot be offered for sale at auction with a reserve.

We test your wool
We will test your wool before it is offered for sale. We may send you a copy of the test results if you ask us to. We will credit you for the value of the grab sample that we take for testing.

What we will charge you
We will charge you commission on the sale of your wool at our standard rates applicable at the date of sale of the wool. If we arrange freight for you or collect your wool, we will charge you freight costs. We may also charge you for storage if we store your wool for more than 180 days at our standard rates (based on a per bale/per day rate with charges commencing on day 181 and ending on the date your wool is sold).

We will insure your wool, at your cost, from sheepback to store, and until the time of sale unless you have notified us that you carry your own insurance. The policy held by us is subject to terms, conditions and exceptions common to normal insurance practice in the industry and are binding on you.
You must take all reasonable care to ensure the safety of the wool and notify us of any loss or damage as soon as practical after you become aware of it. Burglary or theft must be notified to the Police immediately.

We may set-off amounts you owe us
We may deduct commission, the charges referred to in this Important Notice and any other amounts payable by you to us, from any amount that we owe you (including from the amount we receive from the sale of your wool).

Limits on our liability to you
We will use all reasonable skill and care to sell your wool at the best price available on the day.  However, we cannot and do not accept any liability to you for any loss you suffer or incur as a result of you appointing us your agent, including in relation to any reserve price set by us, any delay in presenting your wool for sale or in connection with any test results received by us.